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February 12, 2014

For Immediate Release:


New Catalog of Magnetic Components

Available from Inductive Technologies

Clearwater, FL – Inductive Technologies, Inc., (I-Tech), a subsidiary of Electro Technik Industries, Inc., has just published a new standard product catalog.  The catalog contains an extensive selection of toroidal & pot core inductors, drum core power inductors, surface mount power inductors, current sense transformers, and pot core flyback transformers.  Information includes features, specifications, schematics, and dimensions.

"Unlike other ETI companies in our Magnetics/Transformers Group that focus on application-driven custom built products, I-Tech offers a broad line of magnetic components as standard, non-custom, readily available products. We utilize two manufacturing facilities, both ISO certified, to build and deliver these products quickly and economically," explains Ken Warner, Magnetic Products Sales Manager.

The catalog is available as a pdf download at  Printed copies are available by e-mail request to:

Electro Technik Industries acquires Inductive Technologies
Largo, Florida:  Electro Technik Industries, Inc. has acquired Inductive Technologies, LLC  (I-Tech).  I-Tech designs and manufactures all types of magnetics, from current sensing transformers to common mode chokes, for many different kinds of applications.  They have been manufacturing both a custom and a standard line of magnetics since its inception in 1998 when it was founded from an acquisition of the Magnetics Division of C&K Components.                   
Although Electro Technik Industries has been in the magnetics industry for over twenty-five years, this is the first time they have had a standard catalog offering in this product field.  Over the years, Inductive Technologies has gained a reputation for producing a quality product in the magnetics industry and ETI is proud to be able to play a role in its future. Phone: 410-572-8600 Fax: 727-535-3508